Front Desk/Phone hours to schedule appointments: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 6pm.

Appointments are available Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 9:30 pm, and two Saturdays per month.

MRI Procedures – We perform most Neuro and MSK Studies.

Please note, we DO NOT do the following MRI exams- Prostate, Breast, Cardiac, Extremity MRA/MRV, Dynamic Studies, Hip arthrogram, urography.

Contrast Studies (With and without) – Labs and blood work that include creatinine levels taken within 6 weeks of scan are required for contrast studies with ANY of the following contraindications – Over 60 years old, history of contrast allergy, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver or kidney disease. Your referring physician will send your blood work referral to the lab of your choice.

Am I MRI safe? Learn more about how to prepare for your scheduled appointment: Review our Frequently Asked Questions.

X-Ray – We are able to schedule patients for X-ray who are already seeing us for an MRI. We can also schedule a metal screening clearance X-Ray before a scheduled MRI.

We DO NOT Dispense Medications. If a sedative is needed due to anxiety or claustrophobia, you must request medication from a REFERRING physician. A driver is required with anti-anxiety medication, we cannot let you leave the premises medicated, without a driver.

Cash Pay Prices (no insurance) MRI scan of one area

  • $450: MRI scan without contrast
  • $675: MRI scan with and without contrast
  • $700: Arthrogram